Lisa Quirk


Sometimes the littlest's things take up the most room in your heart


I'm Lisa, a photographer and mother to three, based in Rotorua, New Zealand.  

Its hard to write about yourself! My photography journey has been a convoluted one, when I first started my focus was purely newborns, I love the tiny humans! But then the more I learnt and grew I realised I didn’t want to only to one type of photography. I love people, I love capturing people (Ill never be a landscape photographer, unless I can put people in it ;-) ) Lover of coffee and golden light, a bit partial to a spot of dancing (you might find me boogieing on down with your wedding guests with my camera above my head) but most of all I love family, So whether adding to your family, capturing it just as it is, or joining families together, I would love to capture yours!